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Cone Oasis is a retreat camp located in La Feria, in South Texas. We are only 25 min from the Mexican border, where you can find many ministry opportunities to serve the people in need; and only 50 min from South Padre Island.


We have a deep desire to see lives in the Rio Grande Valley come to know Christ; and those who Know him, have the opportunity to have a spiritual growth through our camp. Whether it be a retreat, conference, camp, or missions adventure, we are here to help your organization accomplish the goals of your visit.

Cone Oasis is part of Valley Baptist Missions and Education Center (VBMEC) family of camps and we are committed to be a place where you can find Christ and growth your faith through meaningful missionary activities.

In South Texas, the weather varies from 52 to 105 throughout the year, making us a great destination to host groups at any time in the year.

Our camps are open year-round and our team will be happy to help you coordinate missionary work for your organization if needed.

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